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tv   11 News Today  NBC  October 8, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> i'm kate amara in washington with the new unemployment report and how it could play out at the polls. >> some government officials want to take soda off the menu for food stamp recipients. are they going too far? tell us what you think in this morning's "water cooler question of the day." >> and the insta-weather plus forecast as 11 news continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning. happy friday. i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. >> john collins has a check on the forecast. >> good morning. we'll have a run on sun. we have a whole bunch of days strung together, clouds and rain and drizzle. so it is about time. we string it together on a weekend. we are starting out a little chilly this morning. temperature 48. it has bounced around a little bit. 30.03 the barometric pressure.
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the only extreme weather we will see is extreme sunshine during the day today and tomorrow and for the football game on sunday. we'll have details on all that coming up in the insta-weather plus forecast. right now we want to see if the traffic is doing as well as the weather. here is kim dacey. >> good morning. not looking too bad. we have a couple problem spots we have just picked up. there is some police activity, but it doesn't appear to be affecting traffic, so that's good news. we have report of a disabled vehicle on the eastbound side of route 702. our live drive times are looking ok. we're not looking at any delays this morning. eight minutes on 95 north between 695 on the south side to the fort mchenry.
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a live look outside at the harrisburg expressway where the police activity is supposed to be going on. it doesn't appear to be affecting traffic. southbound traffic coming toward us and looking fine. harford road things just fine. good on the inner and outer loop. >> police make the biggest drug bust in baltimore county history. >> 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti is live at baltimore county police head quarters with that story. >> good morning. i guess you should always trust your nose because the nose knows. when baltimore county police got a call about a funny smell coming from inside a warehouse, they found something that led them to arrest three suspects. inside the warehouse police discovered 500 pot plants, 640 pounds of processed marijuana, $12,000 in cash, and an elaborate two-story grow operation.
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police arrested and charged 39-year-old joseph guadagnoli, 28-year-old megan veitch, and a 17-year-old boy. they had been living inside a trailer inside the warehouse for at least three months. the two adults have been charged with possession with intent to distribute. >> at the moment, it looks like the potential maximum sentence would be 10 years, but we're really examining the statutes and the quantity to see if we can do better than that. >> and this is apparently not joseph guadagnoli's first arrest. he is being held on $2 million bond. veitch is being held on $750,000. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore city police are trumping an impressive drug bust of their own. it began as a routine traffic stop but they uncovered a carloaded with crack cocaine, a
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handgun, and cash. we're told the driver remains in custody this morning. >> and a high school student is in jail accused of raping a fellow student. the juvenile victim was walking outside the campus grounds when troy reid grabbed her and forced her into a wooded area across the street. >> at that time he became angry and picked up a stick and threw it at her, knocking her to the ground. at that time, he maintained control of her on the ground, and economied the -- and committed the sexual assault. >> reid has been charged with eight offenses and remains at the ann arundel county detension center. >> baltimore county police are asking for your help to track down gary latham. he's accused of beating john sandy last april. mr. sandy died from his injuries in july.
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if you know latham's whereabouts, you are asked to call police. >> three people have retired in the wake of a headline making murder. the staff members were on duty when a 15-year-old patient with a lengthy criminal history was able to enter a patient's room, kiss her, and strangle her with a shoelace. >> a 27-page reports cites confusing policies, a lack of security cameras, and a staff a shortage that allowed hannah wheeling to be beaten and choked to death back in february. a 14-year-old boy is charged in wheeling's murder. >> a woman's body was discovered at the bottom of an elevator shaft inside a vacant building.
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police believe the homeless woman fell down the shaft on her own, but they have not yet determined if it was murder. >> president barack obama joined the governor and lieutenant governor at a rally in bowy -- bowie yesterday. the president told the crowd that democrats need to get motivated to continue the gains they have made in the last two years. >> i am going to need you to be just as fired up as you were in 2008. >> if only maryland will step up, stand with our president, and lead the way. they can take back new jersey, they can take back virginia, but they can't take back maryland. >> the latest polls show o'malley has an eight-point lead over bob ehrlich. >> the september employment
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report released today and the political world will be watching. kate amara explains in "project economy." >> the september unemployment report. one last snapshot of america's unemployment landscape before voters head to the polls november 2. >> the economy weighs heavily on me. >> it is a major factor. >> friday's jobless numbers released amid encouraging economic signs. fewer americans are applying for first-time unemployment benefits and more companies are advertising for open positions. the question now, can the private sector add enough jobs to bring relief to this nation's 15 million unemployed. analyst mark asantalos said it is an answer political parties are ready to pounce on. >> the latest numbers won't change people's perceptions of reality, but the changes allow parties to take advantage of the trends. >> it is news of concern to president obama. he has been busy stumping for democrats and trying to help his
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party stay in power. >> things are getting even a tick -- if things are getting even a tick worse, it allows republicans to say, we're not in the middle of a recovery. this is a jobless recovery, which is the same phrase democrats used against them two years ago. >> an lifts believe that there -- analysts believe that there were jobs added in september, but the change may be offset by the lack of jobs to census workers. >> mayor bloomberg is asking to ban sugary drinks and foods from allowable food stamp purchases. >> it would give new york families millions of more dollars to buy food and drinks
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that provide real nutrients to their children. >> sugary sweets should not be subsidized. >> new york city was among the first in the nation to ban transfats and force chain restaurants to post calorie information on its menu board. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think sodas should be banned from eligibility for food stamp purchases? e-mail us at >> the time now is 6:09. 50 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the financial news in the "bloomberg business report." >> a ride went haywire at a california amuzzment -- amusement park. >> sunny weather. our insta-weather plus forecast ahead. >> a disabled vehicle on the inner loop of the beltway is all
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clear. but we are still dealing with a situation on the expressway.
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>> 6:12. it is a nice morning. there is our sky cam view. it is a beautiful morning. we look at the radar. not much going on. a couple sprinkles in the state of maine, and then you have to go to denver to find the next area of unsettled weather. there is a big storm running out there. you have a lot of shower
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activity. some of the higher elevations near denver and to the east of salt lake city, you have a little snow. the key here, look at all this empty space. nothing is good in this case because we've had a lot of something in the past few weeks, and we need a rest from all that rain. 75 at the inner harbor. that was the high yesterday. we will be running today about the same as yesterday. if you liked yesterday, you will like today and tomorrow and sunday, for that matter. a sampling of temperatures shows mostly 50's, low 50's around the bay. you get away from the urban areas and away from the bay itself, you find readings in the 40's. parkton, low 40's out in far western maryland. temperatures do fine this afternoon, but we don't do hot, we just get warmer.
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annapolis only 69 for the high. it is the location at the naval academy on the water there. that will be held down a little bit. you get in from that. we expect readings in the low to mid 70's around the area and out in the mountains to the west, readings in the mid 06's. here's the satellite picture. nothing going on. no clouds this morning at all. high pressure is what's controling our weather at this stage. here is that unsettled weather out to the west. and with this high blocking anything, any storm that moves to the west is kicked up into canada. the storm track will be to our north for a while anyway as we go through the rest of the weekend. the sun the dominant feature. a few degrees above the seasonal average. the west to northwest wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. our insta-weather futurecast shows this big area of high pressure again blocking the storms. they try to move in. there will be something spinning in the plains states. you see a little activity. it begins to lower by the time we get to monday.
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that may increase our rain chance early next week. a lot of sun through the weekend. by monday evening, a chance for scattered showers. temperatures in the 70's. rain chances go up wednesday and thursday, but basically next week, even with that rain chance each day, the basic forecast is for partly cloudy skies and these mild temperatures will continue. not bad weather. >> not looking too bad on the roads this morning either. no delays to report. 69 miles per hour there on the northwest corner of the beltway. 61 on the harrisburg expressway. 63 and 95 and the northeast corner there. we'll give you a live look at
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the harrisburg expressway and some police activity. southbound and northbound moving fine. it does not appear to be affecting traffic. that is good news. the inner and outer loops looking just fine. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. stan, to you. >> a planeload of passengers bound for bermuda spent most of yesterday stuck on a tarmac in philadelphia after an unauthorsed person was seen loading -- unauthorized person loading baggage onto the plane. that person managed to escape. >> an accident on the pony express ride at knoxberry farms
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in orange county, california. fortunately none of the injuries appeared to be serious. >> electrical death may be to blame for devastating -- electrical problems may be to blame for devastating fires. there is evidence of illegal electrical work in abandoned homes that caught fire on september 7. high winds downed power lines and helped spread fires. 71 houses and garages were engulfed in flames, but only 29 of those homes were occupied. >> in "consumer alert" b.m.w. has recalled more cars. the 5, 6, and 7 series sedans have leaks in the braking
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system. so far no accidents or injuries have been reported. if you think your car is affected, you are urged to call your local dealer. >> cadillac is reporting a potential steering problem. luckily no one has been seriously injured. nearly 4,000 2010 cross-overs are affected, but you can contact your local dealer with any problems. >> now it is time for the "bloomberg business report". >> the society of human resource management says employers are scaling back on casual dress. 34% of bosses permit it compared to 63% in 2002. and the host of the learning channel's how to dress for
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success says people coming out of college do not understand casual dress at work. >> as for trading on mixed stocks, taking a hit. blomberg news reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> in entertainment news, toni braxton has fallen on hard times. for the second time, she has had to file for bankruptcy. she has debts ranging from between $10 million to $15 million. back in november she was diagnosed with a serious heart
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condition. >> another check on weather and traffic. >> also, they may not have taken the a.l. east penant, but the yankees are playing like they are the champs. >> don't forget to e-mail us your answer to the "water cooler question of the day." do you think soda should be banned from food stamp eligibility purchases? e-mail us at >> and take a look at last night ap's winning -- at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> let's go to traffic with kim dacey. >> you can see traffic picking up on the inner and outer loops and no official delays reported. john, over to you. >> a beautiful morning this
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morning with clear skies at the airport. the temperature is 48 degrees. the humidity is up. the barometer is up as well. we have a light west wind at 3 miles per hour. the weather today, off to school and what not, upper 40's, low 50's. we'll see a lot of sun during the day today. sunny skies and temperatures mostly in the low to mid 70's, but cool off, you will notice, this time of year, once we get toward 6:00 in the evening, things start to cool off rapidly. we'll talk about the weekend weather coming up in just a few minutes. >> now 11 sports. >> good morning. the ravens played their second home game of the year -- the ravens play their second home game of the year against the broncos on sunday. they need to stop the number one pass offense. denver wings it around.
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gafney catching that pass. lloyd, thomas, royal. they have all made it a long week for ravens dorte -- dortedorte -- defensive coordinator. >> lloyd has had a great year so far. they are very, very quick. their tight end is a good football player. we haven't seen thomas much. he looks like a tight end playing wide receiver. they have a great receiving game we have to do a good job against. >> gerry sandusky and pete gilbert and cadre ishmail on the ravens post-gameshows following the game. >> rangers head to texas with a two-game lead while the yankees
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head back to the bronx up two games on the twins. not a good night for the home plate umpire. it looked like strike three there. instead they must throw another pitch to lance burkeman. can't get it. that's double the score for posada and snaps a 2-2 tie. minnesota's manager rips into the referee and he gets ejected. the giants over the braves 1-0. 14 strike-outs. but purple friday all over the county. you guys are sporting the colors. >> going into the regular season, our past defense, that was a little suspect. people were thinking we were going to have a tough go defending in the afc. >> the whole defense has played
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well. >> my neck is hurting. >> kick it back! >> all right. thank you, keith. >> the time is 6:26. 50 degrees on tv hill. there is much more to come in the next half-hour of 11 news. >> baltimore county officials make a major pot bust. we'll tell you how big it is straight ahead. >> you may not be able to go to the colbert rally in d.c. because there is no place to go, if you know what i mean, looking at those pictures there. we'll explain that. >> police activity on the expressway is all clear, but we have picked up several other incidents. we'll have the latest on those coming up. >> it is going to be nice this weekend because we're going to string together a few sunny days.
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>> good morning.
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i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. john collins has a quick look at the forecast. john, loobing forward to the -- looking forward to the weekend. >> you won't miss the sunshine this weekend because it will be there all the time. it is going to be very nice. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, john. >> our big story, a big bust brings down a drug ring in baltimore county. >> jennifer franciotti is at the county police head quarters in towson with details. >> someone noticed a funny smell coming from inside a warehouse in eastpoint, and when baltimore county police came in, they found what led them to make three arrests. >> you are looking at heat lamps connected to venting tubes. >> nearly 500 marijuana plants, 640 pounds of processed pot,
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$12,000 in cash, and an elaborate grow operation found inside an eastpoint warehouse on canton drive monday night. >> it is scary. i've been here 28 years, and nothing like that has happened before. >> police arrested 39-year-old joseph guadagnoli, 28-year-old megan veitch and a 17-year-old boy that were living inside the warehouse for three months. >> large individual containers were used to store the marijuana. also at the bottom of the containers were coffee grounds to mask the odor of the marijuana. >> apparently that didn't work out too well. someone reported the smell to police. >> kind of a weird smell, but you just don't pay no attention to it. you don't expect anything like that to happen. >> now the suspects are being held on charges of possession
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with intent to distribute. >> at the moment, it looks like the potential maximum sentence would be 10 years, but we're examining the statutes and quantity to see if we can do a little better than that. >> and bail has been set high for joseph guadagnoli. $2 million. $750,000 for veitch. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a fifth day of deliberations has yet to produce a verdict in the ken harris murder trial. the judge presiding over the case ordered them back to the jury room. >> a local woman poised to receive what is the largest monetary award in lead poisoning. a baltimore county jury has awarded marie carter $23,000 after she suffered lead -- $8
6:33 am
25,000 in economic and $20 million in economic damages is the largest ever seen, but that will be reduced because of the state's cap on noneconomic damages. >> students lending their advice on how to handle the issue of cyber-bullying. >> it is important to educate everyone because even 6-year-olds have cell phones these days. >> much of what is being shared may help shape school policy across maryland. >> there is a port-a-potty
6:34 am
situation developing. the marine core -- the marine corps marathon is scheduled for the same weekend as the colbert event. >> you can't have big crowds without the other. the national parks says so. >> for every 300 persons there is one portable rest room required. whatever that total number becomes, 20% of that total number of rest rooms must be handicap accessible rest rooms. >> 50 would be placed on the mall area near the start of their 10-k and it is 10,000 runners. that meant organizers of the colbert and stewart rlies are having -- rallies are having a hard time getting their own lus.
6:35 am
while they may be in place, marathon operations officials say their port-a-johns locked [technical difficulties] >> he said he can't remember a situation where an event was denied because the correct
6:36 am
number of port-a-potties could be acquired. >> how am i supposed to follow that? i mean, traffic just isn't as exciting. we don't have too much going on, but that is good news. a disabled vehicle on westbound 32 approaching -- northbound we have an accident blocking two lanes there. we can see toward the right of your screen there are flashing lights. once -- switching to a live view of liberty, the inner and outer loop picking up. delays on 95 back to liberty. that's the latest. john, a check on the forecast.
6:37 am
>> we're coming up on 26 minutes now before 7:00, and the dms 48 degrees right now downtown. at the airport 86. barometer up. winds westerly. great weekend in store. so the specific forecast for the game at m&t stadium 1:00. r sunny skies, seasonnably warm. light winds from the northeast becoming more southerly. not a bad forecast at all. nice autumn weather. great to have a great weekend instead of a lot of rain in the forecast. we'll detail the forecast for next week coming up in a few minutes. >> coming up -- >> a pair of panda cubs makes their debut. >> and we are taking your answers to our "water cooler
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question of the day." question of the day." do you thinke plus presents:
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(sfx: coach's whistle) "the car coach" lauren fix. >> your local auto service plus has projected what your car needs this time of year. lights!!! roll the film. sfx: film projector [announcer >> it's time to take advantage of our fall and winter maintenance specials. our certified technicians will get your car ready for the months ahead. and, you could save up to $65 dollars in additional rebates. only from auto service plus. service you can trust. >> wait 'til you see the sequel.
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>> our effort to bring you breaking pannedia news -- panda news have worked. the babies are in an incubator. the two pandas are the first born in the zoo bringing their
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population in the zoo to a whopping four. >> let's go to pandas to pigs. a rwandan d.j. said he is turning his pig sty into pig style. he plays songs by celine dion and later he plays tracks to perk them up with tunes like jayzee and tupac. any music for fine dining ? >> they seem to be quite hungry. y think we missed the mark on that one. >> 56 degrees on tv hill. we'll take a look at the headlines. >> again, how do i follow that?
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as far as traffic goes, not looking too bad. we have a few more incidents to talk about. we'll have the latest on those coming up. >> and a cool start to things this morning. it will be a nice day today and tomorrow. we'll talk about it coming up. there is our almost sunrise this morning at b.w.i. marshall. inner harbor, 5 when i melt to sleep with unisom sleep melts i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts.
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>> an annapolis high school student faces charges of rape. the juvenile victim was walking outside campus grounds when 17-year-old troy reid grabbed her and forced her into a wooded area across the street.
6:45 am
>> baltimore city police are investigating an unusual death downtown. a woman's body was discovered at the bottom of an elevator shaft inside a vacant building inside the 300 block of north howard street. homicide detectives had been brought in to determine if the homeless woman fell down a shaft or was murdered. >> city officials are requesting permission from the u.s. department of agricultural to ban sodas, peas, sports drinks, and other sweetened drinks from food stamp purchases. new york was also the first to ban transfats and post calorie information on restaurant message boards. >> this morning we asked if sugary drinks should be banned from the food stamp program.
6:46 am
>> well, one writer says, taxpayer money should benefit our communities, not add to obesity. >> another viewer writes, how will they enforce the ban? if people are eligible for the assistance, they are eligible. it is their choice to buy what food they want. maybe the government could post mandatory nutrition classes. >> and one writer says, the purpose is so that people can have nutritious foods. snack foods should be excluded from the program and if necessary the welfare program should hire nutritionists to help people in healthy cooking and eating. we'll post more answers at wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is an honest to goodness horse race at the bangkok office this weekend.
6:47 am
rafael seth has a wrap-up of this review. >> he paused fiercely. >> diane lane waxes poetic. the true story of a virginia house wife that took over her father's stable and produced the greatest horse of all time, secretariat. >> who would take care of -- >> two people hate each other in "life as we know it." they have only one thing in common, they are the god parents of adorable baby sofie. >> are you going to help me out or what? >> edward norton is the
6:48 am
prisoner, in "stone." they have a relationship that puts them all on a crash course. "stone" rated r. >> if i should die before i wake, i pray the lord -- >> that interrupted prayer turns into a nightmare. >> before he died, he swore he would return. just another campfire until those born on that night start turning up in body bags. "my soul to take" is at the box office. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus forecast together. >> we have picked up an accident in baldwin at baldwin mill road
6:49 am
and lynch lane. on the outer loop of the beltway debris is in the road. police will hopefully be removing that soon. we'll give you a look outside at the toll plaza blocking two lanes. you can see it doesn't appear to be affecting traffic there at all. switching to a live view at liberty road. volume picking up. you could see a tap of the brakes or two back to liberty. that's the latest on "traffic pulse 11" john. back to you. why we have had wet weather since summer ended, really. in the month of september, over 8 inches of rain. almost an inch of rain so far this month. so we're above average. here is the post summer rain fall totals. six weeks worth of rain almost 10 inches of rain. that leaves us a surplus of 6.3 inches of moisture just in the
6:50 am
past six weeks or so. enough is enough. it looks like we're going to get a streak here of at least several days with nice, quiet, sunny weather. starting out cool this morning with clear skies. annapolis is in the 50's. they won't warm up all that much today at annapolis because of the bay effect. temperatures in the 60 he is -- 60's there. higher elevation out there. readings expected to be in the mid to upper 60's. clear skies this morning. high pressure is helping generate the nice, quiet conditions. the storm frack is on its way to the north. there is unsettled weather to the north. look at the vapor activity. i have drawn in the jet stream. the main sform has come off the pacific and down to the north of the great lakes. this is what's left of the storm that gave us all the rainy weather earlier in the week. that's tracking to the north. in this big area of high pressure has kicked the jet up
6:51 am
north. this storm system -- this tupper air storm system is talled out there. it can't do much of anything. -- the high is blocking anything from coming in. the next storm to come our way would be early next week when this jet stream lowers and may allow something to clip us to the north, but until then, it is clear sailing. today is a good example of what we're going to see over the next couple days. 73 to 78. if we average out we would be around 70. north winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. days are getting shorter by two to three minutes each day now. even though we are having nice conditions, it is getting short out there. and the shorter days allow for the cooling temperatures. we just don't get as much sunlight. here's the tropical satellite image. this is otto which will briefly become a hurricane out in the
6:52 am
atlantic. it is well to the south of bermuda and traveling to the northeast. so it won't be an issue around us. you can see the dry conditions in the western atlantic oceans. here is our futurecast showing the storm out west more or less stalled. the storm track may pick up something out of the great lakes after we get through the weekend. so for today, tomorrow, and sunday, it looks sunny. 75, 73 the highs. so things look good for the ravens game. plenty of sunshine. by monday evening into tuesday, we have a small chance for a few scattered showers. that rain chance goes up a bit wednesday and thursday, but each day, monday through thursday of next week, we have in general partly cloudy skies. >> the biggest pot bust in baltimore county history.
6:53 am
>> police said someone reported a funny smell, and what they found inside led them to arrest three suspects. this warehouse in eastpoint police discovered 5 -- 500 marijuana plants, 640 pounds? processed marijuana, and $12,000 in cash. police arrested 39-year-old joseph guadagnoli, 28-year-old megan veitch and a 17-year-old boy. the two adult suspects have been charged with possession with intent to distribute and more charges could be pending. and because joseph guadagnoli has been arrested before he faces a $2 million bail and veitch faces a $750,000 bail.
6:54 am
reporting live from baltimore county, jennifer franciotti. >> coming up today on "oprah" it is not easy to admit, but you will meet two women women who say they are 30-year-old virgins. what's holding them back? tune in today on "oprah." >> coming up on a friday morning on "today" two children have been abducted as they took out the trash from this family home. the latest next. >> also the latest on the duke casual encounter with athletes. could she face legal challenges? >> women that weigh less earn more at work according to a new study. >> and what is it like to be betty white? we'll spend a day in her life and find out. right here on "today." >> the time is 6:54. >> just ahead, traffic and >> just ahead, traffic and weather today before you h
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. his past attacks have been called deceptive, his new attack, false. harris voted for deregulation increasing our electric bills by 72% it's not surprising, harris always sides with the big guys. he opposes cracking down on wall street and supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. harris even opposed making big insurance cover cancer screenings. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. telling us "maryland is moving forward," "and moving maryland forward" this jobs report tells the truth maryland's economy stalled "we face an uphill struggle in trying to regain the jobs lost" o'malley attempts a cover-up, falsifying the jobs report to help his campaign. "whatever we can do to make it disappear, we need to do it. that's coming straight from the top" martin o'malley, first he makes stuff up, when caught, he covers stuff up. we need a governor who tells
6:57 am
the truth. >> kip cal morning rush on the beltway. >> great weather-wise. >> sun informed and tomorrow and on sunday great for ravens football which is 1:00 in the afternoon. high should be in the 70's just like saturday and today. we have rain chances next week, but it is not a big chance for rain. mostly dry, just spotty chances here and there. >> thank you for joining us. >> we're back with a live update at 7:25. have a great one.
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captioned by the national captioning institute so who is "making stuff up"? the news media say it's bob ehrlich... with attacks that have been called "false" and "misleading." made up attacks bob ehrlich knows aren't true. but here's what's not made up. bob ehrlich's $3 billion in taxes and fees. the $2.5 million he got paid working at a lobbying firm. or the fact ehrlich worked for the casinos to put slots at arundel mills mall. now, bob...that's all true.
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